Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sick in bed - but staying busy!

This past weekend I caught a head cold. After the first day, I could tell that it was turning into a chest cold, and I took to my bed. Because of my asthma, I take chest colds very seriously. I might spend a week being careful to fully heal from a simple cold - but if the cold becomes bronchitis or pneumonia, then I could be down for a month or more. It's just not worth the risk!

As soon as I leave my bed and walk anywhere, I start to wheeze and cough. So, I have had to find something productive to do with my staying-still time. And I found it! I've been hoping for a long time to find a good program to inventory my book collection. This is a very big job, and I don't want to do it again anytime in the near future, so I wanted to make sure I had found the right program before I started this project.

I hope this is a good one that I found, because I have now entered about 350 books. That is only a small fraction of my library, but it's nice to feel that I've accomplished something this week!

I'm thinking this online list could come in handy when teams or other guests come to visit. They can examine my book list, see the kinds of books I like, see which books I already have, and more easily come up with books to bring me as gifts (hint, hint, hint).

I'm not going to post the link to my personal library on this blog (individuals who are interested can email me for the link), but the name of the website is It's a fun networking site as well, although I doubt I'll get involved in that aspect much. I am already heavily involved in a homeschooling forum which uses up most of my available internet time, and fills most of my social networking needs!

Of course, ministry activity continues to swirl around me while I lounge abed. This week is the pastor training school session. More and more, the duties involved in keeping the school running are being handled by local pastors - which is exactly how we think it should be! There are still lots of odds and ends that come our way, though, including the transportation of pastors to the school at the beginning and end of classes, and the transportation of all of the meals during the session.

Also, very exciting progress is being made out at the construction site. I'm going to hold off on writing about that right now, as I am hoping to get someone to take some pictures for me to post. But I tell you, things are really coming together, and here at the house we are starting to turn our minds toward the task of packing and moving!

Thinking about packing and moving is a task that is just perfect for me this week.

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