Thursday, May 14, 2009

And I thought mixing the concrete without machinery was hard!

The roof trusses are going up on the bodega right now, and what a job it is! I remember when (back in MD) we would hire a crane, and in one day, set all of the trusses for an entire building in place. Here, of course, things are harder.

Because of the large amount of open space in the bodega/warehouse (with no interior walls to help support the roof), the roof had to be supported by trusses, not just roof beams, as we did in the team house.

Here is the simple team house roof structure (showing off the lovely interior ceiling of the team house - isn't that pretty?):

And here is the much more complicated bodega roof structure:

The huge roof trusses are assembled on the ground, and then man-handled up into place, using manpower, and pullies. The trusses weigh 700-800 pounds each. It'd be nice to have a crane about now.

We're all getting excited about moving out there. Although the picture below includes construction debris, tarps over the wood on the roof, and other unsightly items, still you can see how beautiful this will be, when completed (click on the picture for a larger view).


Missus Wookie said...

Looks amazing - and so much better than our recent construction project!

Beth said...

God has given you a little piece of heaven right there in western Honduras! He knows what beauty does for our spirits and He has blessed you all with a home of great beauty. Can't wait to sit on your porch and watch the clouds go by! And maybe a cup of tea? : ]
Love and hugs to everyone!

Leslie said...