Monday, May 11, 2009

Raising the Pet Count

As our family prepares to move out onto our country property, we've been more open to the addition of new pets - knowing that soon we'll have room for all of these, and more.

We currently have two adult male cats, which have been excellent at keeping the mice out of our house. However, they are very unhappy about not being allowed to roam at night, for romantic purposes - but here in the city it isn't safe to let them out. We didn't want to get these cats fixed, as we knew we were going to need a steady supply of "barn cats" at the property. You'll be relieved to know that we are aware that two male cats can't do the job of supplying us with future feline generations.

Over the weekend, I got word that a missionary family we know had a litter of kittens ready to go to new homes, so we arranged to pick up a teeny tiny female kitten on the way home from church yesterday. We're on our way to populating our property with cats!

At the pot luck dinner after church, I had a chance to talk with yet another missionary mom, about a request her daughter had made of me. We received, in our Christmas shipment, several used American Girl dolls, in very good condition. We had set them aside for some special purpose, as these are very expensive dolls. The daughter had approached me wanting to buy one of the dolls for herself.

I had no idea how much to "charge" for the doll, but the same girl had three chickens and a chicken coop for sale (as her family is moving to another part of Honduras next month), so we arranged a trade. Once we make the swap, I'll have three beautiful white longhorn hens, in the prime of their laying years, along with a homemade chicken coop. The recipient of the American Girl doll and I each think we got the best of the deal, which is a wonderful kind of trade!

Of course, we also recently acquired a bunny. So now we are up to:

2 dogs
3 cats
4 chickens (the leghorns and Lucky, the one left over from the chicken massacre)
1 parrot
1 bunny
1 bull

Old MacDonald's got nothing on us!

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Honduras Sprout said...

Wow, you are brave bringing on a female into the mix. I don't think I could take it. Especially once the competition gets going.