Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sucanat - I'm sooo in the know!

I hang out in an internet homeschooling forum. While a number of other missionary moms from around the world participate, the majority of the members live and homeschool in the US. So, I hear about things - things I have not encountered, but which I learn about by listening in to the conversations of people who shop in US grocery stores and health food stores.

For instance, lots of people are trying to avoid processed sugar, and are looking for healthier choices. I usually pay only slight attention to this kind of conversation, as I don't have access to the up-to-the-minute health foods you can purchase in the US. Stevia? Agave nector? Sucanat? I don't even know what these things are!

But one day, someone asked the question, "So what is this 'sucanat' you guys are talking about?" and the explanation was: SUgar CAne NATural = Sucanat.

Hey! I can get that here! In fact, I already had some in my kitchen at that very moment! I felt so very in-the-game - something I rarely get to feel these days!

So, in honor of this healthy sweetener choice which I can actually purchase in the market here in Gracias, I present a photo essay on the production of Sucanat.

I buy these cones of sugar at the market, and grate them. I can use the sugar in place of brown sugar in some recipes, although the flavor is pretty distinctive, so the family has to get used to it.

I'll bet my sucanat is cheaper than your sucanat! ;-D


Quentin&Heather said...

Who knew?! thanks for the education; I wonder if I can get that here (I bet!). And does that mean the calda de cana (sugar cane juice) I get is actually healthy??? WOW! ; )

Anonymous said...

Looks like the poor horses could use some!

Jane McSweeney

Anonymous said...

Yikes -- after seeing it sitting on the ground like that, I'm not so sure I'd WANT to eat it! Healthy, organic, whatever -- it just looks DIRTY to me!!

Anonymous said...

Oops -- that previous comment was from me!!!

Hope all's well with the family!

Love, Pam

Anonymous said...

Are you also aware that those sugar molds are very expensive to buy here for decoration purposes? I could only afford a silly "look-a-like" after not being able to afford the real deal. They are used as rustic candle holders.
~ Stick Girl

norm said...

I remember juice bars back in the day, where the sweetener was raw cane that went into a machine that looked like a coke machine. The liquid sugar would come out a side port, the vendor would add it to crushed ice and fruit. They cost about 20 cents at a time when Orange Crush was 12 cents.

Grateful for Grace said...

Yea, you!! Very cool, Trish. It actually looks yummy. How weird am I?