Friday, June 26, 2009

It's my first coup

In case you haven't caught this in the news, Honduras is having a scary political showdown right now, in which both sides are claiming that the other side is trying to stage a coup. The president is on one side, the congress and the courts are on the other side.

I'm not going to take the time to write out all of the details of this very complicated situation, because La Gringa, up in La Ceiba, has already tackled that task, and has certainly done a more thorough job than I would be able to do. Here is her blog, with an overview.

As of tonight, the situation remains very much up in the air. We are waiting and watching, not panicking but remaining cautious and trying to be prepared for whatever happens. We are glad to be up in the mountains, and not down in one of the big cities where these events are transpiring.

We really need your prayers right now, for the country of Honduras. Please pray that the upheaval will be resolved peacefully, and that the outcome will be the right one for the continuance of democracy in Honduras.


Laurie said...

I live in Tegu. Yesterday was a quiet day for most of the citizens. Actually I saw only a few extra transit cops in the city. Of course, the street in front of the President's House was blocked, but rather halfheartedly as people were allowed to circumvent the roadblocks! The people thus far are showing remarkable patience and calmness in light of the potential serious nature of the actions of the President. I did note lines forming at the gas pumps, however there was a heavy downpour for most of the afternoon. That may have been a blessing as it may have hindered more serious demonstrations.

Trish said...

Thanks for the on-the-scene report from the capital, Laurie!