Sunday, June 28, 2009

We are fine up here

For those who are checking in on us after seeing the news that the Honduras military has removed our president, I wanted to let you know that we are fine. Life is pretty much as normal up here in the mountains (although our power is out - for who-knows how long - but that's actually pretty normal, too).

From what we can tell, people are pleased and hopeful that the supreme court, congress, and military have taken action against the illegal process being pushed through by the president (former president?). I have not seen anything here that would suggest that the military is taking any inappropriate action, or that this is a "coup," in the sense that a illegitimate party has taken power. My read is that the president was working outside the boundaries of his authority, and the other parts of the government used their power appropriately to remove him, and I have heard that they have replaced him with his constitutionally appointed successor.

It is a bit worrisome to see how the major news organizations (outside of Honduras) are explaining this story - as if the military has taken over the country. This is not what we are experiencing here. I have a number of contacts all over the country, and have not heard anything remotely like that.


Kelly said...

We are praying for God's hand of protection over Honduras and your family.

Patty said...

Trish, We are praying for you and yours. Hopefully this will all be over in the next day or so, and all of Honduras can return to normal. Living in the boondocks does have it's advantages, verdad?


Robin's Reports said...


I am praying for your group & other missionaries in the area. Praying for a safe resolution for your country.

I have a friend heading down that way in a couple weeks for some missionary work. She is trying to decide if she should cancel or not. What advice would you give her?

Robin of FL