Thursday, July 2, 2009

Honduras in the News

It's been interesting to us, as Americans, to see the recent events unfolding in Honduras. Living up here in the mountains, we don't see much of the action. Oh, but then apparently the folks living in the US aren't seeing much of it, either.

Usually, when Honduras has a big news event (almost invariably a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or earthquake) we can count on calls and emails from concerned family, friends, and the staff in our mission office, checking in to see if we are doing okay. We love getting these communications, by the way, because it lets us know that people are thinking of us down here, and praying for us.

We started to wonder, therefore, when we weren't receiving any communications from anyone in regard to the current crisis, which threatens to embroil all of Latin America in a diplomatic mess which may well erupt into violence between nations - does anyone remember us?

Yesterday, Allen had the opportunity to make a few phone calls to some friends in the US, and he naturally spoke with them about the crisis in Honduras. The response, in most cases, was that our friends knew nothing about it at all. A few had heard the word "coup," but since there had been little other information, they had assumed it was a minor event, easily settled. No one knew about the UN resolution to return former president Zelaya to power, no one knew about Honduras' refusal to agree to this in the face of threats (both of sanctions and of violence) from much larger and more powerful nations.

I felt suddenly very alone.

The fallout from the events of the past week has huge implications for Honduras. In my opinion, there are serious potential implications for democracy in Latin America. But I'm a momma. So I can't help mentioning that these events, and the events which seem likely to transpire in the next few days, threaten to have a devastating impact on my family.

If you are our friend, family, supporter, or just someone interested in my blog (for whatever reason), can I implore you to take a few moments to educate yourself on what has happened here, and how the international community is responding?

If you want the mother-of-all sites about Honduras, you'll want to visit La Gringa's Blog, which is written by an American woman living in La Ceiba. She's been prolific in her blogging about this situation, and has enough links to other articles to keep you busy reading for quite a long time!

Thanks so much for caring about us, and about Honduras! Please, keep us in your prayers.


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

You are not alone. Thanks for putting the word out to those following your blog who might now be following these events. Our prayers are with you and the Honduran people.

Patty said...

Trish, even though I am watching this from S.Florida, I feel like my American family has forgotten that I have children visitiing in Honduras who can't get out. When I pray for them I will also pray for you and yours.

ray and becky said...

There are many of us long-distance friends who are keeping up (or trying to keep up) with the real story, and we are trying to share that info to others here in the U.S.

We are praying that these events will result in a renewed vigor of the Honduran people to stop accepting the norm of corruption and start demanding a higher standard from their current and future leaders.

Sunny-D said...

I am a missionary in Costa Rica and have friends in Honduras. I agree with how tragic it is that people in the states have no idea what is going on. Perhaps I have a different view as you said it threatens Central America. I am praying for you and your family, along with all of Honduras for this situation. I pray that God will also give you all a spirit of peace in place of fear. May God lavish His love on you.
Sunshine Loveland

Beth said...
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MiPa said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated as much as you can. The personal implications of this for your family has remained heavy in my heart and I'm praying for you frequently. Praying for the Honduran people through the weekend as deadlines expire.

Pam L. in Md. said...

Trish -- this has been incredible to watch and hear the side of the story from you and the folks who live in Honduras, versus the side we're getting through the American media. And believe me, they're two entirely different stories..... amazing the spin the US government is trying to put on this.

And actually, the first time you wrote about the coup, I had heard absolutely NOTHING on the news about it until several days after you wrote -- and I'm quite a news "junkie", so you would assume that I would've heard SOMETHING..... but not a word.

These are the kinds of things we're reading up here:

I've been praying not only for your family, but for the whole truth to come out, because the Americans certainly do not have a complete picture of what is going on down there.

Grateful for Grace said...

Trish, I've been following it via Faith's blog and the links she has. I'm saddened by the whole thing and feeling frustrated. You are not alone.

Sadly, America has been more focused on Michael Jackson's death than on caring about Honduras' constitution and future.