Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So, How Has Your Week Been?

Mine's been . . . unusual.

Let's see. We had the backhoe getting stranded on the other side of a swollen river. It's back now, by the way, and the trenches are being dug as I type, to put in the water lines to our new home. On Saturday, while I sat around and chewed my nails while watching the unfolding political events in Honduras, Allen and Russell retrieved the machine. As we hadn't had any rain for a couple of days, the river was about as low as it was likely to get during rainy season. The men removed the air intake, and re-attached it upside down, to create a sort of snorkle. The driver had to also hold a t-shirt over the opening, to keep the water which was splashed into the air from falling into the engine and drowning it. The water in the river was higher than the large back tires of the machine.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, while the country was under the supposed military takeover on Sunday, my ds19 had to travel to Santa Rosa de Copan for a soccer game (only essential travel allowed - but everyone in Honduras knows that soccer IS essential). You might think this was too dangerous - and you really have no idea! He was driving past some road kill, and a vulture flew up and he hit it - or possibly it hit him? Russell swerved to try to miss, and so the impact was right in front of Russell! The windshield of this vehicle already had a large crack down the middle - which means we should really be relieved that the whole thing didn't fall apart.

More? How about this one - today we are having our garden tilled. With a plow. And oxen. I wish we had the camera out there, but the camera went with Allen today, as he is visiting the village with the earthquake damaged houses, and needs photo documentation of the reconstruction. I hear there might be protests on the road into Gracias later, so I hope he can make his way home. He's pretty resourceful, though, so I'm not really worried.

That's not enough? Then how about dinky, unimportant Honduras being the top news item all over the internet? That's been unique, for sure.


DancingQueen said...

Thanks for the updates! When I heard of the events in Honduras, I thought of you and your family. I heard of your blog from Sonlight a few years ago and have been following ever since. Glad to hear you're well despite all the "rumblings"!

Aaron Ortiz said...

Mrs. Sowers, I'd like to make an unusual request of you. Could you please email Obama and your particular member of congress and tell them how you feel about the current situation in Honduras? Could any American citizens reading this do the same, especially if you live in Honduras.

I'm sure they'll listen to you a lot more than to us. Their source of news is CNN, which is disappointingly, quite misinformed.

Please help us get the truth out!


Anonymous said...

As always, prayers for you all.....

Jane McSweeney

Laurie said...

Hello up there! Now that I live in the fancy town of Tegu I don't see oxen as much as when I lived in Comayagua. I often thought that they are more efficient in the country for loads, plowing, etc. I didn't have a vehicle when I lived in Comayagua, but I never thought seriously about buying a burro or a pair of oxen!