Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ministry Overview, or Here's What We Do

Recently, we were asked to summarize all of our ministries, so that a newly interested person could quickly and easily access everything. Well, we do so many different things, that even trying to give a quick explanation of each item created a pretty long list. Here's what we came up with:

Pastor Training School - When we arrived in Gracias 4 years ago, very few pastors had any Bible training. We now run a 3 year Bible training program. Currently, approximately 60 pastors and future pastors participate in the school sessions, which run for 3 days each month; 9 months of the year.

Bible Book Store - We found that many Christians in Lempira had no Bible, and most pastors had no Bible study materials. We have been able to distribute or sell below cost approximately 10,000 Bibles, including about 1000 study Bibles.

Church Construction - We partner with rural mountain churches in their construction programs, generally supplying the materials to install the roof (congregation members supply the land, labor, and other construction materials). To date, we have helped with the construction of 45 churches.

Motorcycles for Supervisors and Pastors - In partnership with the Christian Motorcyclists Association and others, we have distributed 57 motorcycles, and we anticipate that by the end of 2009 this number will be approximately 70.

Mules and Horses for Pastors - Some pastors cannot afford to run and maintain a motorcycle, and some live in areas where the “roads” are impassible even for motorcycles. For these pastors, we help with the purchase of horses and mules.

Gifts for Gracias - We distribute Christmas gifts and school supplies to pastors and their families, to orphans and special needs families. This program is similar to the one run by Samaritan’s Purse.

Pastor Helps - When we have the resources, we assist pastors to facilitate their ministries.

Feeding Programs - In a partnership with Kids Against Hunger we distribute food through 50-60 church-run feeding centers, through orphanages, to families in our Special Needs program, to victims of natural disasters, etc. On average we distribute about 1.5 million child size servings per year. Cost: less than 1 cent per meal.

Helping Orphanages - Food, vitamins, school supplies, and Christmas gifts are distributed to 13 orphanages.

Special Needs Families - Families which include a member with special medical needs can receive food and vitamin supplements, and help with medical needs. Currently approximately 50 families receive assistance through this program.

Bridge Projects - In Honduras, tens of thousands of people lose the ability to travel outside of their immediate area (to hospitals, markets, etc), because of seasonal flooding, which makes fording of rivers impossible. In cooperation with businesses in the US, we import slightly used cable, to use in the construction of bridges in rural areas. We partner with local governments and with humanitarian groups in these bridge construction projects. To date, 18 bridges are completed, are currently under construction or are in the planning stage.

School Construction
- When funds are donated specifically for the construction of schools, we administer the funds, and provide oversight and accountability to the donors. To date, we have assisted with 12 school construction projects.

Ministry Center Construction - We are in the process of constructing a ministry center just outside of Gracias, which will save us money compared to renting facilities, and will provide us with warehouse storage space, as well as facilities for the pastor training school, and for hosting teams.

Reconstruction of Houses Destroyed in Earthquake - On May 28th, approximately 100 houses in Lempira were destroyed by an earthquake. We’ve been able to help with food, vitamins, blankets, Bibles, and construction materials. We are attempting to help with the reconstruction of 60 houses. Cost: $300 per house.

Municipal Projects - In addition to bridge projects, we help local municipalities with road and water projects. Primarily we provide design and implementation assistance.

Used Clothing - We receive donated used clothing and distribute it in rural areas.

Teams - We host teams, including medical, dental, construction, and evangelism groups.

So, now you know what we do. :-D


Jennifer said...

Wow! for all you do.
And Wow! that you've been there 4 years doesn't seem that long ago that you moved to the mainland.

TexasHeather said...

Ditto what Jennifer said! I suppose I've heard of most of those projects at some point or other, but seeing them all listed together -- WOW. Just wow. And it doesn't seem like 4 yrs to me either, but I trust you on that : )

Beth said...

Trish, I can see that boredom is not going to be a problem for you all any time soon!! : ]
I am making a commitment to pray for you and each of your ministries on a more regular basis.
Have you had any teams since the political situation got weird? Do you think it is safe to travel? Just wondering and wishing I was on my way to see you all!
Oh yeah, how is Kirsten doing?

Laurie said...

Wow. I am completely in awe of what Jesus is doing through you guys.

ray and becky said...

Can you stand to hear another "Wow"?
Ok, Wow!