Saturday, August 15, 2009

Earthquake Damage Reconstruction Update 8/13/09

Earlier this week, Allen visited the villages where the earthquake caused so much damage. He was delivering materials, and checking up on the progress of the reconstruction. Here are some pictures.

The final picture shows a family applying a coating to the interior walls, to smooth them out.

In many of these pictures, you can see clay roofing tiles (and metal roofing, in one instance) protecting the tops of the uncompleted walls. This is because unprotected adobe bricks will melt in the rain, so partially completed walls always have to be covered like this, when no one is working on them. I think it's kind of amazing, the obscure stuff I know. ;-D

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Beth said...

I think YOU are kind of amazing, even without all the obscure stuff you know! Glad to call you my friend!!