Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving in the Right Direction!

I am so excited to announce that we have a moving date, for settling into our newly constructed buildings on the ministry property! Barring unforeseen complications (earthquakes, political upheavals - what could happen, really?) we plan to be moved out of our current rental house and living on the property by October 1st! This is a goal for which we have been striving for several years - just to be able to live, semi-camping style, out on the land.

Some may remember when we moved to our current house, last October, we thought we'd be only a few months from the move to the property - but as always, there have been delays and problems, plus the hard cold fact that the construction on our property will always have to squeeze into the gaps in the ministry work. If you saw the list of ministries I posted a few days ago, you'll recognize that there isn't a lot of gap-space available! But Allen and Russell have continued to squeeze in construction days whenever possible, the presence of Alan Hayes has helped take some of the load of the ministry work off them, and we are finally at the point of actually moving!Hurrah!

Just to give you an idea of what will have to happen, between now and October 1st - here's a partial list:

- complete the roof on the bodega
- install all windows in bodega and team house
- install door locks
- finish digging trenches for the water lines, and laying PVC pipes
- construct a water tank on the property
- do repairs on the water tank from which we will be drawing water
- run electrical systems (we'll be running off a generator and batteries, until we receive our solar panels in a few months)

Here's a list of things we would like to have done before we move in:

- installation of toilets
- installation of showers
- installation of ceramic tile flooring in the team house
- installation of electric outlet covers

We're all looking forward to our new, country lifestyle! We've lived right in the midst of population centers since we moved to Honduras, and we've missed having some land, a bit of privacy, space for animals, and a beautiful view to come home to!

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TexasHeather said...

Oh, it's so nice to have a date! Praying that everything gets done in time and you guys really are able to move by the 1st of October! How exciting!