Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fighting off an invasion!

Rachel discovered the invasion attempt, and ran for the bug spray. We didn't run for the camera until later, so these pictures weren't taken until the invasion was at least partially foiled. Rachel wants me to assure you that the time the ants tried to invade the team house was much worse than this invasion. Just so you know.

Bethany took the pictures. I'll show the side of the building first, then some closer shots, so you can get the idea, but you really need to click on the pictures (for the larger versions) to see what we're trying to show you. It's hard to take shots close enough to see something as tiny as an ant, while taking the shot from far enough away to see that there are lots of them.

On a lighter note, my dish drainer was also invaded this morning:

Building strong immune systems, that's what it's all about! ;-D


Pam L. in Maryland said...

Ewwww, yuck....... ants!!! Maybe the ONLY good reason to live where it's cold and the ground freezes semi-solid in the winter!!

Jennifer said...

LOL - laughing about your cat, not the ants. Ants are not funny.

Laurie said...

Love the cat in the basket pic. Ants.... plagues.... scorpions.... part of living as a missionary I guess. Yesterday we had a meeting of about 150 women and the water ran out .... very early. Unpleasant but not unendurable. It also was nearly 90 degrees under the tin room in a dusty poor colonia. Again... part of being here. But the worship was fantastic.

traveller said...

The ants are giving me goosebumps now. We used to have a rental house. We were cleaning up after the tenants had left and we found this long line of ... ticks! Oh, they're dog must have been suffering. Between ticks and ants...I'll chose the ants.