Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I know I'm going to give you the wrong impression here

Really, REALLY, we are having a great time in our new home, and we are feeling quite at ease and happy with the life we are leading. I wanted to say that before reporting our second scorpion sting. I also need to add a disclaimer: Gus has given me permission to share this story.

Okay, here we go.

You first need to know that our new home has two buildings, but only one of those buildings has a working bathroom. Gus was in his bedroom, in the building with no bathroom, and he felt the urge, so he grabbed his handy roll of toilet paper and headed off into the woods.

After, umm, well, you know, he reached for the roll of toilet paper. If you grab a roll of toilet paper, intending to unroll some paper, you might grab it by sticking two fingers into the hole in the roll. Anyway, that's what Gus did, and he got stung by a scorpion that was hiding inside his roll of toilet paper!!!!!

Now, Gus doesn't know whether the scorpion had just crawled in there, or if he'd carried it from his room, hidden inside the roll, but what he did next shows an incredible degree of quick thinking while in a "crisis." Gus reports that he first used the toilet paper for the purpose for which it was intended, and then he searched for, found, and killed the scorpion (which had fallen to the ground after stinging him). Additionally, he carefully and intentionally killed the scorpion without squashing it, thinking that I would want a picture for the blog! What a trooper! I just hope you're all appropriately appreciative of his efforts.

Gus is fine, by the way. We're all fine, but we're learning to be cautious!


Jennifer said...

Gus showed amazing presence of mind! I appreciate it, too, being able to see the scorpion. How did he kill it without squashing it?

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Yes, I would like to know HOW he did that!

Trish said...

I asked Gus how he killed the scorpion, since you ladies wanted to know. He said that he took a very small stick and sort of stabbed it right in the middle, very carefully, so it wouldn't squish too much.

Are you really sure you wanted to know that? ;-D

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TexasHeather said...

Incredible. Just...incredible.

Glad Gus is okay, and tell him thanks for the photo-worthy dead scorpion. Very cool.