Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on our Car Accident

Well, the news is a bit better than I had thought after talking with Allen and Russell on the phone yesterday. The damage to our Land Cruiser was less than expected, and it was driveable after the accident. A friend here in Gracias drove our other vehicle down to Allen, and drove the damaged vehicle back here. So, we didn't have to pay for towing, and we expect to save money on repairs, since we can have the work done here where we know people, rather than in a strange city.

Allen and the kids continued on their way last evening, and completed their trip this morning. They visited the Loma de Luz Hospital, in Balfate, this morning, and dropped off some medical items we'd received, but which could be put to better use at the hospital. The midwife there was thrilled to receive the pre-natal vitamins that we didn't have much use for! Bethany is visiting a friend at Balfate, for about a week, so they settled her in and then got back to the business of getting the container through customs.

We hope the container will be set to travel to Gracias tomorrow. It would be good to have that taken care of, as Allen has to travel back to northern Honduras again on Thursday morning, for the hearing on the car accident. Please be praying with us that the truth will be presented at the hearing.

Thanks for your prayers! We have much to be grateful for, concerning this accident, but it's still an unexpected expense, at a time when funds are particularly tight.


Laurie said...

Having lived here now a short time, I have heard a bit about the way accidents are handled. I will be praying. You have a friend in Teguz!

Beth said...

And the Webb's are praying too! That Allen will rest in the Father's love and that you will see God providing justice in the courts and all your financial needs.