Monday, April 5, 2010

I fixed the button

Thanks to the friend who clued me in! Because Missionary Ventures (the organization to which we belong) made some changes to their website, the link on my blog to the donation page on their site was no longer working. Utilizing my impressive techno-skills, I have now fixed this. Yea for me - we old folks have to be praised for this kind of thing (you know, the kind of thing our teens can do in half the time).

So, for those of you who were just sitting there thinking, "Wow, if only that link was working, I could donate some money to the Sowers, to help them:

a) feed the hungry

b) support the work of evangelism in an unreached area

c) train new Honduran pastors

d) get therapy and other helps for the Special Needs children and their families

e) build some more of those cool cable bridges

f) get horses, mules, and motorcycles into the hands of mountain pastors

g) all of the above, and more,"

well, now the link is working, and you can do just that! :-D

We so appreciate those of you who support this work!

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