Sunday, April 11, 2010

Solar Power is on the way!

Allen has been working hard on getting our solar energy system up and running. There's a great deal of technical info for him to read through and be ready to put in place, as well as the logistics of simply getting the panels installed on our pitched roof.

About a month ago we discovered that one of the pieces to the system which we had been sold would not work with the other parts. Fortunately, our friends the Ward Family were traveling to the states and back, and they were able to take back the parts we didn't need, mail them back to the company, receive the replacements, and bring them back to Honduras in their luggage, all within a couple of weeks. What a blessing!

So now, with all the parts in hand (we hope), Allen has spent the past few days working with a welder to create the braces which will hold the panels to the roof. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of this process to post soon.

Additionally, we've purchase some truckloads of topsoil, and have started working to establish some lawn in front of the two houses. It might be my imagination, but I'm thinking we're already seeing less dust floating in. That would certainly be a very good thing!

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