Saturday, April 17, 2010

Up we go . . . (solar energy installation)

Today is a major solar energy installation day! Allen, Russell, Rachel, Christopher, and Bethany worked together this morning to put the first of the supports for the solar panels on the roof. They are taking a mid-day break now, and then they're hoping to install the second one this afternoon. It's mighty hot up on that metal roof, but they're motivated to get this done!

Here are the scenes from this morning:

Getting everything in place

First step - get one end up onto the scaffold platform

Next step - get the front end up onto the edge of the roof

A rope is attached, and Rachel moves into place over the ridge of the roof, to pull from there

Now the bottom is up onto the scaffold platform

Moving onto the roof

Alrighty - the entire piece is up on the roof. Now it just needs to go up and over the peak, to its place on the back of the roof.

More pictures to come . . .

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