Sunday, May 23, 2010


As we watch the changes in the weather as the year progresses, we also notice certain times when specific bugs (or types of bugs) are more prevalent. In April we had flies. They're still around, but not in the same quantities. Yesterday, Russell was doing some work on the roof, and noticed that the house roof is covered with a multitude of tiny dead gnats. Happily, we didn't experience the gnats while they were living - we don't know when or why they all arrived and died on our metal roof.

We've recently been interacting with lots of very active beetles -we especially notice the large ones, although digging the smaller ones out of the kitchen sink drain, in order to put in the plug to do dishes, is notable as well.

Here's a picture of a sort of mid-sized beetle. He's about an inch and a half long:

The pictures below are of a bug Chris and Russell found in their bedroom. The boys were in trouble with me the other day, for not getting up at dawn to get pictures of the colorful bird (Chris thought it might have been a kind of parrot) which flew into their room, and later found its way out. To make up to me for this, Chris made sure to catch this bug and photograph it for me. He used a standard size pack of cards, to show scale.

Boo thinks it's a roach. What do you think?


beckyc said...

Looks like a roach to me, but what do I know?! We've had a lot of beetles on my porch here in Alabama lately.

Pam L. in Maryland said...

Ewwwww...... looks like the southern cousin to cockroaches you see in DC all the time. Yuck.....

deena said...

That is defenitely a roach Trish, very common in Honduras.