Sunday, May 23, 2010

Distributing food

Admittedly, our living up here on our property, instead of in a house in town, has made some things harder. The two ministries most affected are the Bible sales and the distribution of food for feeding centers.

Our new home is far enough from town that most taxis won't come up here, unless the driver happens to be your buddy. People are asking friends for rides, walking in and out from the distance which taxis will take them, and sometimes juggling large packages on motorcycles.

This situation will be resolved in a few months, when Russell and Iris get married. They will be renting a house in town, and they will handle the Bible sales and the food distribution from there.

In the meanwhile, however, our pastors are having to be resourceful. Here's the pastor who came by this morning to pick up food for the feeding center he runs:

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