Monday, May 24, 2010

NOW I know it's the rainy season

I was just thinking yesterday, when I wrote about bugs, that we hadn't experienced the big beginning-of-rainy-season bug dump this year. When we lived in the city, every year after the first big rain of rainy season, we'd be innundated by these weird bugs. They aren't very big, and they have long thin wings. They show up from nowhere, in droves, and then their wings fall off and the bug bodies are crawling all over everything. Since we've already had several really heavy rains, I wondered if perhaps we wouldn't have the bugs, living up here on the mountain. Thinking happy, hopeful thoughts, you know?

Well, it's the rainy season, now, that's for sure.

Gus was doing the dishes at the moment of the event. He had to keep changing out his dishwater, as it filled up with floating bugs. The clean dishes, in the drying rack, all had bugs stuck to them when he went to dry them. This is a nasty business!

My friend Faith, who worked with us here in Gracias last year, wrote a post about these lovelies.

Another annual event for which we can be grateful when it's over!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

We have these in Costa Rica as well. They are bad but usualy only last a day or two.

Kelly said...

We had those in Costa Rica when we lived there... I believe that they are termites.