Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nature lends a hand!

As I've mentioned before, I'm such a beginning gardener. This year, I wanted to have a small garden, as I was certain I would encounter lots of difficulties, and I didn't want to be overwhelmed. Of course, with my being sick through all of May and most of June not much gardening has been going on, so I guess I got my wish! I'll probably go ahead and start a few more vegetable seeds, even though it is almost July. I'm not exactly sure how our growing season works here, so everything is experimental for me.

I did make a fun discovery yesterday. I found another hornworm on my pepper plants. Normally this wouldn't have been a good thing, but I recently saw a picture on the internet of a hornworm being devoured by wasp larvae - and then I saw these very larvae on my hornworm! Hurrah! Nature comes to the rescue!

Here's a picture of our defunct worm, with the heroic larvae attached:

I wouldn't normally be cheering on a wasp infestation, but this time, I am! I love the interworkings of creation!


Traci said...

We discovered this very phenomena on our tomato plant! Dh was sure it was wasp larvae but I was skeptical. He will be thrilled to know he was right :)

h_o_f_f_i_e said...

I guess all those hours spent watching PBS nature shows has a payoff. :)