Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yeah, I hit the wall, but I'm bouncing back now

I was sick. I'm getting better.

I don't think you want the messy details, but I'm now recuperated to the point where my only remaining symptom is exhaustion, and finally that is starting to ease up. Basically, I've been mostly sick since the last week of April - and boy have I lost a lot of weight. Happily, I had the weight to lose. Some local people, who live on the edge of malnutrition all the time, have had to be hospitalized with what I assume is the same thing I've had.

You want to hear a funny story from my sick leave time? Of course, I knew you would want to! Here it is:

The earliest phase of my sickness involved a good bit of spewing, if you know what I mean. In the wee hours one night, when the household was asleep, I awoke with the need to run to the bathroom, in a hurry. Because we use solar energy, we turn off our system at night, to conserve power until sunrise. It's not a big deal to turn the power back on, but I was in a hurry, so I grabbed my cellphone and repeatedly punched buttons on that for light, as I stumbled to the bathroom.

I was successful in my attempt to reach a receptacle before chucking, for which I am always grateful. As I was just completing this task, my phone rang. As soon as I was able to answer, I heard my oldest son's voice, both through the phone and through the window - he was calling me from the front porch. He said, "Mom - are you all right?"

Now, we have two buildings on our property, and the older kids sleep in the other building from where the rest of the family sleep, so I was amazed, thinking he had heard me throwing up all the way at the other house! When I asked him about this, he replied, "No, Mom, my phone rang, and when I answered I heard all of these awful noises. So I came running to see what was wrong."

So, you see, I called my son (by accidentally hitting the "redial" button), and sent him the sound of me throwing up, over the cell phone. It is nice to know that if I ever have a real need for emergency help, he's ready and willing to run to my aid!


Laurie said...

Funny that I blogged about it too on my blog. I spared the gory details too. I haven't lost much weight, but like you there's no energy.

Anonymous said...

I knew something must be up--so long with no word. So, as you have often instructed us, I prayed for you all. I thought is was maybe computer glitches--so sorry you have been so sick. Rest up. Good to know you have such attentive family!!

Jane McSweeney

Patty said...

Trish, are you sure you didn't have typoid fever? I had exactly what you had the whole month of December and most of January. I lost 35 lbs, which I had to lose. I responded, finally, to three days of Cipro, which is the treatment of choice for typhoid.

Trish said...

Hey Laurie - I hope you're feeling better by now.

Thanks for praying, Jane!

Patty - the exact illness remains a mystery, so I can't really rule anything out. I'm just happy to be pretty much over it now!