Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Lempira Day Photos - Indias Bonitas

I have so many photos from Lempira Day that I've decided to post them over several days, in categories. The following photos show the fancy "Indian" dresses which are created by students in the public schools. As you will see, these dresses are made almost entirely from local, natural materials, including leather, burlap, seeds, feathers, beans, corn, etc. The dresses aren't attempts to recreate an authentic historical costume - instead, these dresses are flights of fancy. Some are simply decorative, others showcase a particular part of Honduran history or culture. Make sure to check out the elaborate headdresses - this year, it seemed to me, the headdresses were bigger than ever!

Many of the girls wearing the dresses also have sashes, which announce that they won a particular prize in the school India Bonita (beautiful Indian) competition, or won an award for best costume, etc. Click on the photos for a closer look at these - the details are amazing!

Tomorrow I plan to post pictures of the boy Indians!

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The Reader said...

So ornate! It's amazing they do all that with local materials. Beautiful!