Sunday, July 25, 2010

A really great ministry slide show!

Last summer, a group from our home church, Fredericktowne Baptist Church in Walkersville Maryland, spent a week with us. Although we've now lived in Honduras for nine years, all of these guests were people we knew before we left, and most had been friends with our kids when we lived there. It was wonderful for our children to reconnect with their old friends. We had such a blast!

Our main goal for their visit was that they would see as many of all the different ministries as possible, so that they could report back to our faithful supporters at home. They created this slideshow with music, from pictures taken during their trip, and Allen received a copy of it on his recent visit to Maryland.

I think it's really great. You can see what an exciting and busy week we had, and what a sense of fun this group brought with them - plus you can see lots of pictures from various ministries.

Thanks Melissa (and anyone else who might have helped) for putting this slide show together!

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