Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday Morning at the Ferreteria, and more

Saturday morning Allen headed into town early, to get some parts he needed, to complete the installation of the dishwasher. He had to make a decision - try to find everything he needed between the 7 or 8 poorly stocked hardware stores (ferreterias) in Gracias, or travel an extra 45 minutes to the bigger city of Santa Rosa de Copan (and another 45 minutes back again) to more likely find everything in one place.

He gambled on Gracias, and lost. He found all but one of the items he needed pretty much immediately, and then had to tear the town apart looking for that one remaining thing. I don't think he ever found it - I think he rigged something up to make things work in spite of the missing "correct" piece.

To add to the whole situation, while his Land Cruiser was parked along the street, it was hit by a dump truck. We'll be grateful that the damage was cosmetic, and that the cost of the repairs will be paid by the truck driver. But really - what a morning!

Allen finally got home after noon, and was able to get back to the dishwasher installation. By suppertime, the machine was connected and functioning! Hurrah!

We couldn't actually wash dishes on Saturday, because we can only run the machine during very sunny hours, since that's when we have the most power coming in. But Sunday morning, the lovely sounds of the dishwasher handling a chore for me while I didn't have my hands in dishwater were particularly appealing.

Today, Allen and Russell exercised their carpentry skills, as they fixed my kitchen counter back up following the installation. Allen went the extra mile to make sure the final outcome looked right, because he knows that's important to me. Thanks Sweetie!

Today, because the men were working in the kitchen, I couldn't really work in there, so the dirty dishes are all piled up at the moment. When this is all done, however, it's gonna be niiiiiiice!


La Gringa said...

I'm jealous! (about the dishwasher)

Missus Wookie said...

what a sweetie to make sure it looked right and whoo hooo on the installation :)