Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're official residents (again)!

Monday morning we all went to San Pedro Sula, and completed the process to have official residency again. The process went fairly smoothly, and now we're good for four years, because we were able to pay the annual renewal fees all at once.

After the work was finished at the immigration office, Russell and Iris headed to the lawyer's office, to begin the legal process involved in a marriage between a Honduran and a US citizen. There's a bunch of paperwork to be gathered for this.

Now that we're home, some of us seem to be sharing a nasty head cold. Like we needed that! Bethany is cooking us up a big pot of chicken soup right now, so hopefully we'll knock those germs out of our systems!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Trish,
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Hopefully this wasn't a bad spot to leave a comment. My intentions are not for you to leave it up as a post somewhere but I couldn't see where else to get a hold of you. Keep up the good work! Tammy :)
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