Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Info Buttons!

Now, this is blogging/techy stuff, but it's important anyway, so please pay attention. :-D

I've added a few new "buttons" at the top of my blog, just below the picture of the mountains. See them up there? Two of them are just old stuff, in a new location - the link to our website, and the link to the information on how you can donate to the ministry. But two of them contain new info, and you need to read this information, if you're going to help with the Gifts for Gracias project, or help us fill the container in November (or both).

The "Gifts for Gracias 2010" button will take you to the info you'll need to create and ship a Christmas gift for this project.

The "Requested Donations" button will tell which donated items we can use down here, and which things we really can't use, or can't afford to ship. It costs us quite a bit to ship a container down here, and it's important that the container be filled with the most useful items. In other words, if you'd use it for a rag, or take it to the dump, it doesn't make sense to pay to ship it to another country! Even things in perfect condition sometimes don't help much here - like XL sized clothing and shoes. Please don't be discouraged by the length of the list - we want and need your help with this, and together we can be the best possible stewards of the money used to pay for shipping!

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The Reader said...

Excellently worded post, Trish!