Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking a family portrait

We wanted to take a new family picture, including Kirstin, who isn't in Honduras very often, and with our new daugher, Iris. We had a hard time with the weather, which turned hazy and made it difficult to show the mountain of Celaque in the picture, as we'd desired.

Here's the photo which we've chosen as the potential winner:

In addition to dealing with the weather, it is always challenging to get one photo in which nine people all look pretty good at the same time. When one of those people is a slightly disgruntled 8 year old boy, the challenge becomes even greater. Some examples:

Of course, the very best picture of all is one in which the kids were intentionally goofing off . . .

Considering all of our challenges, I think we managed to do pretty well, although I'm still hoping to improve the color and brightness a bit!


Pam L. in Maryland said...

Tell David that Aunt Pam says to behave himself or I'll NEVER come and make a cake for him!!!

I'm glad you're trying to get a new group photo done while everybody's there!! We should've done one at the wedding while even more of the family was there -- why didn't we think of it then??

Love, Pam

NotaSupermom said...

Great pictures!
Reminds me of this post.
It's an international problem!

Beth said...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your Family!
Good to see the newlyweds in the picture! Do couples in Honduras get away for a honeymoon or is that just an American thing?
Also please let me know about Allen's travel plans. We are packing up stuff for the Christmas for Pastors on Oct 31 after church.
We love you guys!! Give our congrats to Russell and Iris!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Love the pictures of the family!! Blessings!!