Monday, November 1, 2010

Okay now, this is kinda pathetic

Last night at dinner we had a new treat - something we bought on impulse, as we hadn't seen it at our regular grocery store in Gracias before. It was margarine spread - the kind that comes in a big tub, you know?

We usually only get those sticks of margarine that don't taste anything like butter. I don't think they're really trying to taste like butter. Actual butter isn't available here.

So, we were having what we call "munchy-crunchy-lunchie" for dinner last night - that's chips and salsa, cut up veggies and dip, maybe some cheese. Then we added some (homemade) bread with the margarine spread.

You'd have thought the spread-on-bread was gourmet fare. Boo ate so much of this! David opined that he's sure they'll have margarine spread to eat in heaven. Gus snuck back later for a bedtime snack of margarine spread on crackers (he said he'd been thinking about how good this would taste the whole time since dinner).

I'm feeling like my children are just a bit deprived. ;-D


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Are you able to buy fresh milk from a local farmer and make butter at home?

Laurie said...

We have butter in the capital but really I have only seen it regulary for a year or so. Maybe it will catch on in the other parts of Honduras. When I buy it I buy several cartons and freeze some. Try San Pedro Sula, at Pricesmart.

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

We used to buy our butter at Price smart in Costa Rica. It was cheaper than the Costa Rican stuff and much better.

Sometimes I thought that Josiah might be deprived but he is just growing up differently. He actually will choose beans and rice over pizza!