Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water Restriction Update

Just so you know, the fact that we have received a wonderful gullywasher of a rainstorm here at our property hasn't released us from our water restriction situation. Although the garden and the yard are thrilled with the rain they received last night, inside the house it's the rain over on Celaque mountain that really counts. That rain comes down the river in which resides the open end of our PVC pipe. The pipe carries water to the first water tank (which we share with a community of other water users), and then another pipe brings the water from that tank to the tank on our property.

Allen drove past the river this morning, and said that the water level in the river is higher, but it's not all that high. Later today we'll check on the water level in the first tank, and see how much water has gotten to that point. If that tank is full, then we might be receiving water from there tonight (our water agreement sends us water from that tank certain nights of each week).

So, that's the situation right now. It's waaaaay better than before, but we're not all the way into water-happy territory yet. Gotta go . . . I've got buckets of water to schlep from the laundry room to the bathroom . . .

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The Reader said...

So interesting! thanks for explaining all of this.