Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Water Saga

Two weeks ago, we had plenty of water in our house, and in our water storage tank. Because we weren't getting any rain, we were watering our garden and lawn multiple times every day, as that was the only way to keep everything alive.

Then the river went dry, and we went to severe water restrictions. We continued to water the garden, but the lawn had to go dry, and inside the house we instituted all sorts of extra steps to ration water usage, as mentioned in a previous post.

Just one week ago we got our first downpour, followed by additional torrents on three succeeding days. The garden and lawn were well watered, but we still didn't have water in our tank. While I worried about erosion and drowned vegetables in the garden, I still had to use my household water two or three times before dumping it out. We no longer had to dump it onto the yard, though, as the yard had become a swamp.

Finally, FINALLY, we got water into our tank, and life is back to normal again, in regard to water usage. I am relieved. Apparently, the double use of wash water was resulting in clothing that didn't smell all the way clean. We're all thrilled to be using the dishwasher and taking showers again. Probably the prettiest sound in the world, to our family right now, is the sound of the toilet flushing!


Beth said...

Glad to hear the toilets are flushing and the laundry is smelling fresher!! We are thanking God for the simple gift of water.
Love Beth

Jennifer said...

Yay for clean water!

The Reader said...

Oh, you tell this all in such a fun way. So glad that the water is back, showers can be taken and toilets flushed. Hooray for clean water!!!

Laurie Matherne said...

Madam Gumbeaux is relieved to know the toilets are flushing. We are having a bucket of rain falling right now outside.

Norberto and Julie said...

So grateful that your water is fresh and running again. May God give you strength to face each trial as it comes with joy and praise!