Saturday, October 29, 2011

-echnology -roubles

Well, I've recently had a bit of trouble with my newish laptop computer. This particular computer was a bargain, purchased as a refurbished unit. I've had great success with this type of purchase in the past . . . but this time, sadly, it seems I got what I paid for.

The laptop has given me so much trouble, right from the beginning. I felt terrible about having spent money on a piece of equipment which couldn't manage even the basic tasks required without glitching and crashing, so I took the time to attempt some repairs and improvements. At one point, I had to reinstall the operating system, taking the computer back to it's factory settings. It's a good thing I hadn't had the thing long enough to have important documents or pictures saved on it.

Eventually I had that laptop humming. It was fast, and not in the least glitchy. I'm so not a technical kind of person, and I was inordinately proud of myself. But, as you all know, pride comes before a fall. All of a sudden, with no warning, I could no longer type the letter "T". Just like that. No amount of wiggling the key, finessing the key, or pounding on the key would convince the machine to type that one, extremely important letter. I couldn't even type my own name!

In the short time that I'd had the laptop running well, I'd really gotten used to the ease of setting up to type on the couch, or on my bed, or just anywhere. Suddenly working at the old, weatherbeaten desktop computer seemed a burden. I could still browse the internet on the laptop (as long as I could find a way to insert each url without typing a "T"), but I certainly couldn't write emails or blogposts - so I sort of fell out of communications for a bit.

I'm trying to get over it now. I have a new keyboard for the laptop coming down in six weeks or so . . . until then, I'll just have to deal with my disappointment, and steel myself for my next adventure in computer repairs. If anyone out there has changed out their own laptop keyboard, and wants to give me some pointers, I'm listening!


Anonymous said...

windows has a built in keyboard for use with the mouse not perfect but better then nothing look in the section for people that have disabilitys

Trish said...

Ahhh, thanks for this info. I'm using the keyboard on my screen now. It does make it possible for me to use the laptop! I appreciate the suggestions very much!