Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crazing craziness

I have a collection of stoneware dishes - they are what we use everyday. Some of these are pieces Allen and I received when we married, some are more recent acquisitions. Although I have much of the stoneware on display in my kitchen, other items are stored away inside my buffet.

Recently Rachel was moving some things around, and she made an interesting discovery. Inside the buffet, a couple of spice shakers had gotten . . . dusty. These shakers are among the older items in the set; they'd have been purchased in the '80s. In their glazed finish, these shakers have a bit of the light crackling pattern known as "crazing." Notice how the dust settled in right along the lines of the crazing. Isn't that just the craziest thing?

The picture shows one shaker with the dust lines washed off. There doesn't appear to be any damage from the dust, although long-term I can't think this would be good for it!

Plus, you have to ask yourself - how did that much dust get inside my buffet?

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Beth said...

That is just amazing! That has got to be pretty fine dust! I mean fine as in small, tiny not as in "She is one fine woman!" which I think you are but that's beside the point. Do you think you guys stirred up that "fine" dust when you were doing all your bodega cleaning? If so, I give you permission not to do it again!! O_o Still laughing!