Saturday, October 22, 2011

Horses for Pastors

While we're heavily involved in helping rural pastors get motorcycles to use in their ministries, there are some for whom a motorcycle isn't the best tool. Some pastors and evangelists work in areas where the "roads" aren't good enough for even dirt bikes. Some are too poor to afford the fuel and maintenance costs of a motorcycle. So, we sometimes help pastors acquire horses and mules, instead of motorcycles.

Here are some pastors who have recently received horses/mules:

The majority of our pastors have churches in several different villages, so help with their transportation needs is a real blessing to them. As always, your donations are what make it possible for us to help the pastors, as they continue the work of evangelism and church planting in the mountains of western Honduras.


Beth said...

What great pictures! And those are very healthy Honduran horses! Where do you get the horses and what does a horse or mule cost to purchase?
You are all in our prayers!!

Laurie Matherne said...

Your work is so important. My great-grandfather walked or in better times, used a horse, to preach the Gospel in South Louisiana to those who had never heard. God bless your work!

Trish said...

Hey Beth,
The pastors find their own horses. The prices vary, but are much more reasonable than a similar animal in the states - although there may not be too many similar animals. These are small, tough horses and mules, well adapted to the rugged conditions! As we do with other projects, we have a certain amount of money we'll use, to help fund the purchase. The pastor can choose how much additional money he can spend, toward the purchase.

Laurie -
Thanks so much for your kind words. It's exciting that you have such a heritage in your family!