Friday, October 21, 2011

We're making hats!

It gets cold up here in the mountains! Why last night, it was down below sixty degrees, if you can even believe that! Before the cold part of the year is over with, we may experience temps in the forties! We used to consider such temperatures mildly cold, when we lived in a more northerly clime, but apparently our blood has thinned to tropical norms, and we start to shiver when it gets down below seventy or so.

The Hondurans feel the cold, too. This year, to help ensure that we have enough gifts for the pastors and their families, and also to have a fun project, we've been knitting warm hats. Mostly I'm doing the knitting, but Boo is in charge of putting in any necessary seams and weaving in the loose ends of yarn, while Rachel and David make and attach pompoms.

Here's our intrepid hat model, displaying a recently completed hat:

We've completed about a dozen hats so far. Since we give gifts to hundreds of families, we're not planning a hat for everyone. We're just doing what we can.


Kris Thede said...

I made hats for preemies when we lived on LaGonave. It is interesting how after living in the tropics a while those less than 80 degree temps drives one under the blankets and finding sweatshirts and socks. Good job. Fauche.

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Beautiful hats! It is fun to knit especially when you can bless someone with it.

Beth said...

Great hat model!! And both the hat and the pompom are quite nice!