Monday, January 23, 2012

Boo and Katie make Christmas gifts for pastors

My house is always both a house and a bodega (warehouse). Sometimes it is more house, and sometimes it is more bodega. When we're working on the annual container shipment, my house is almost all bodega - we just keep a few pathways open to the bits of space where we sleep and eat!

We're in the thick of it now, with the production of pastor gifts in full swing!

Here's Katie, gathering information about the next pastor on the list, so that she and Boo can put together a gift specifically for that family.

This is the list the girls were working on today. To the left is the name of each pastor, and to the right is the number of children in that pastor's family - E is for girl, V is for boy.

Here's Boo, stuffing a gift box with items which have been laid out in categories, in plastic boxes along several tables.

Pay attention, Boo - not everything on that table is supposed to go into a gift!

Oh no . . . the BucketBoy got his hands on the camera!

Approximately 100 family gifts have been put together so far!


Anonymous said...

That list of details about the pastors' families is a brilliant addition to the process, Trish.

Of course, I'm completely giggling-to-horrified at the thought of keeping all 100+ pastors' gifts organized enough to hand the right gift to the right pastor.

But - Well done, my friend; you're making huge progress on a h.u.g.e. task.

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Wow! You guys make it look easy! I know it is not though as We have packed gifts for children in bags. Ours were basically just girl or boy with two age ranges younger (still plays with toys) and older(needs something other than a toy like a game, etc.)

Great job!!

Denise said...

O.K. so I had to know why "E" for girl and "V" for boy. I found out that "varon" means male in Spanish so that explains the V. But I can't find any reason for the "E" for female. Are you gonna tell?

Denise said...

Glad to see Katie helping you guys get it done. She should know wherer stuff is since she packed a lot of it! Put the kitty cat in my box please -- how cute!

Trish said...

Thanks friends! And, Denise, the "e" is for the word "hembra," which means female. The "h" in "hembra" is silent, and sometimes people abbreviate using "e" instead of "h."

To add interest, the word "varon" is pronounced very much like "baron," because the letters "v" and "b" are pronounced pretty much the same, so our lists might use either of those letters to signify a male. LOL