Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cow-proof garden fencing, part 1

Do you remember my writing about our cow getting water from the barrel just inside the garden fence? (If not, you can read that here.) You can see, in the photo above, how easily the cow could push over the fence to get a drink. Unfortunately, the cow - and the bull - could also push the fence over to go into the garden and eat things. That's bad.

When we first fenced the garden, we had in mind keeping out dogs, not cattle. So, we've had to upgrade our fencing. Here are a few photos of our small crew of workers who help us out around the place, putting in our new garden fence.

First they selected small, straight-ish trees, chopped them down, and cleaned off the branches and the bark.

Digging the holes for the posts was arduous, as there are lots of large rocks right at the surface in the garden area. That's part of the reason we plant in raised beds.

To be continued . . .


Beth said...

Hey Trish Are these the fenceposts that take root and start growing? Just wondering. I was so surprised to see the living fences when we first came to Gracias!

Trish said...

Hi Beth! I don't think so. I believe only certain kinds of trees do that. If any of them do come back to life, I'll let you know!