Monday, February 13, 2012

Soft Pretzels!

Good stuff has been happening in my kitchen lately.

Rachel used a copycat recipe we found on the internet. Since we've never eaten "Auntie Anne's" soft pretzels, we don't know if these are like that brand, but they were good eating!

Just for fun, Ben helped make lots of pretzel bits.

We don't recommend trying to keep these pretzels to eat later, as they are much better when fresh and warm. We did successfully toast some a day later, and they were very acceptable, but there's just nothing like a fresh, hot, soft pretzel!


Cindy in California said...

Yum...these look delicious. Now I have the I bookmark the recipe or not? I might be tempted to eat the whole batch!

Denise said...

Just read the recipe -- do you really bake them at 550 degrees? That's one notch before broil on my oven!

Beth said...

So do you have to dip them in boiling water before you bake them? We made soft pretzels once and they were delicious, I was really surprised by the boiling water part. Happy snacking!!

Denise said...

Katie's feeling like she came back a week too early!! She LOVES fresh baked breads. But then, who doesn't?

Trish said...

Cindy - this is definitely an area of concern. These things are GOOD!

Denise - yup, we baked them at 550! And I felt bad for Katy, living with us when she did. Her visit coincided with Rachel's boyfriend's vacation, and we let Rachel spend most of that time staying at Russell's house, so Rachel and Brandy could visit. This means that the cook of the house - Rachel - wasn't home much, and Katy had to make do with my cooking. When I cook, no one goes hungry. When Rachel cooks, really good things come from the kitchen. Like homemade pretzels, for instance!

Beth, these were dipped in hot water, but not boiling. We've made homemade bagels too, and they're also dipped in water before baking.