Friday, March 9, 2012

Would you tell me what you see?

At the top of my blog is the title: Sowers4Pastors.

When I revamped the blog, I chose a font for the title. That font shows up on my laptop, but a different font appears when I view the blog on our desktop computer.

One font is a rather elegant cursive, the other is more like a typewriter font, but with a cartoonish look, and the letters aren't lined up, so they look a bit messy.

The cartoonish one is the one I chose (somehow that's more "me" than elegant handwriting), but now that I'm seeing a different font on each computer, I'm sort of wondering what everyone else is seeing at the top of the blog.

Thanks for your info - I appreciate it!


Johanna helpfully sent me a screen shot of what the title is supposed to look like:

From your comments, it appears that most of you are seeing the correct font - so that's great news! Thanks so much for your help with this!


Anne Dye said...

I see cartoonish font and I like it!

Myflybabyaccount said...

I see the cartoon-ish one. I am using Google Chrome if that matters.

Rachel said...

In Google Chrome, I see a print with large flat triangles at the tips of all the letters, it's not really cartoonish, and flows fairly flat - not really messy at all. But it might be what you have intended. Can you take a picture and post it?

But on IE7, it's a nice pencil looking print, nice, but nothing special. It looks much like the print in my sons penmanship book. My daughter (Kendra) says it is Ariel.

Her Win7 laptop running chrome, has a plain type writer font, she thinks it's Times New Roman.

My second daughter's Chrome also pulled up the same as my Chrome. Kendra really thinks it is the one you are describing. Both of us are running Win XP.

Mark said...

I see the cartoonish one on Internet Explorer if that's the one that has points on the ends of the letters.

Anonymous said...

I sent you a screen shot so you'd see exactly what I see. It's the cartoonish one -- I like it, and I like the new colors, too.


Cindy in California said...

I see the cartoonish one. I'm in Internet Explorer.

Hannah said...

I see Comic Sans in both Firefox and IE. This depends on how you created the header, but if you used an editing software you should change the text to "curves" before uploading it so it will look the same everywhere.

Patty said...

I see Comic Sans, one of my favorites!