Thursday, September 3, 2015

On the Second Day of Gifts for Gracias . . .

For 12 days, I will be writing about the different ways people have participated in the Gifts for Gracias Project over the years. Today is the second day. If you are unfamiliar with Gifts for Gracias, or would like to see an overview of how it works, click here for more info.

The Second Day of Gifts for Gracias: Make a family gift

We distribute gifts to the hardworking Honduran evangelists and pastors who work in our area, spreading the Gospel to remote, poverty-stricken villages. In addition to delighting their children with shoe box gifts created specifically for their ages and genders, we also create a package for each pastor and spouse - a "thank you" to them, from their brothers and sisters in Christ, for the amazing work they do, everyday!

Generally, these gifts are larger than can fit into a shoe box. Donors have used adult-sized backpacks, plastic storage boxes, and small duffel bags and suitcases to contain the other items and also be a valuable part of the entire gift! Please label your gift as a "Family Gift."

Suggested items to include in a family gift:

- soap, shampoo (make sure it's tightly closed), hair gel, toiletries  
- candles, small decorative items, sewing kit 
- hair things, handkerchiefs, purses 
- dish towels, small kitchen items, plastic storage containers 
- small flashlight, small clock (non-electric) 
- lotion, aftershave, perfume 
- pens, notepads, stationary, tape, small office supplies 
- shoe polish (brown or black), dark socks, inexpensive waller 
- blanket, towels 
-belts (smaller adult sizes), baseball caps, backpacks

Gifts for pastors and their families, heading out with a
denominational supervisor for delivery in a remote area

Shipping/Delivery Information

If you wish to mail gifts, there are two mailing addresses available:

Gifts for Gracias
c/o Norma Irvin
7921 Broadmoor Pines Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34243


Gifts for Gracias
c/o Jim Cofer
7047 Blue Mountain Road
Thurmont, MD 21788

If you live in Maryland or Florida, contact us if you would prefer to deliver your gift in person. At this time, there are only two locations set up to receive donations, but there may be a few other private options which can be arranged.
trish @

DEADLINES: All gifts coming to us in Florida MUST be received before September 24th! If you are mailing a package after that date please use the Maryland address! Currently, the Maryland deadline is the end of October!

Tomorrow I will share MORE ways you can be involved with the Gifts for Gracias Project!!!!

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