Friday, February 12, 2016

Exciting New Thing #3: Starting up the Pastor Training School again

My final post, in the series about exciting new opportunities in our ministry, actually involves something that is not entirely new. We ran a pastor training school for a number of years in the past, until we determined that we had met the need for training, in the vicinity of Gracias, at that time. Now, however, it is time to start up the school again - which is great news! It means that more pastors are working in our area to reach the unreached villages in the mountains of Lempira!

This year, the school will be run by a partnership involving Allen (General Director), Russell (Administrator), local missionary Shannon Hopkins (Assistant Director) and local missionary Clay Powell (Academic Director). Additional partners include Edgewater Alliance Church, in Florida, and Life Community Church, in Ohio. Both churches are sending down teams to help with the teaching, as well as contributing to the funding of the school.

Clay and Cynthia Powell created this great video, to give you a taste of what this project is all about:

The pastors do not pay anything to attend this school - they just have to arrange their own transportation to get to Gracias. The cost to sponsor a pastor for one year of school - $250 - includes the cost of his food and housing, during the time he is at the school, which is 3 days each month for 9 months.

To sponsor a pastor, or make a donation to the school:

When donating online, use this link (which will take you to the Foundation for Missions donation page) and PLEASE BE SURE to specify that your donation is for the Sowers Ministry Pastor Training School or for the Sowers Ministry Pastor Sponsorship. Failure to do so may result in the money not being credited to our account!

Similarly, if you prefer to donate by mail (address is also found at this link), please write, on a separate piece of paper, that your donation is to be used for the Sowers Ministry Pastor Training School.

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of this ministry, through prayer and giving! We are thrilled to have your partnership in the spread of the Gospel in Honduras!

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SHerri said...

Y'all have so many wonderful projects that truly impact people for Christ!

The Reader said...

So glad you guys are starting this back up! It is one of my favorite things that you do, educating local pastors to lead their congregations and communities.

One suggestion for the blog post, though...I know it is in the end of the video, but maybe include in the blog as well the amount to sponsor a pastor (very reasonable amount, by the way!). Just a thought. Otherwise an excellent post, wonderful video by Clay, and exciting ministry!