Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Here's what a "missionary vacation" looks like!

Dining al fresco, in Copan Ruinas with my sweetie
Allen and I are on a short vacation . . . which means that we've physically removed ourselves from the ministry for a few days, so that we can rest and refresh. It also invariably means that we take some time to step back and look at the ministry from a fresh perspective.

This get-away is going to be over abruptly, and probably quite soon, as we're expecting a call any day or any minute, saying that our shipping container full of donations has been released by the port and is on the way to our house. When we get that news, we'll be packing up and heading home (we're just 2.5 hours away from home, and the driving time from the port, for the tractor trailer with the container, is around 16 hours, plus the time the driver spends sleeping overnight sometime along the way).

This is definitely a working vacation, as Allen has spent several hours today on phone calls, and we've passed a few hours hosting a discussion, with some online friends, about how to improve our communications and what we can do to encourage people who are intrigued or interested by our posts, to actually take the next step to becoming partners with us. I'm mostly talking about financial partnership here - because so much of what our ministry does, including feeding children, building churches, training pastors, Gifts for Gracias, etc., requires money, to make it happen!

One of the things that has been bothering us recently is that we're not making it easy enough for people to donate. There are some aspects of this which are not in our control, but one thing to which I am committing myself, is the creation of a complete - and as brief as possible - blog post about each of our ministry projects which depends on donations. Hopefully this will be something that people can check, when they are interested in donating, and have all the info they need in one place . . . and it will also give people a package of information that they can easily share with others.

My grilled chicken.  I'm a bad food blogger - I took
a bite (several, actually) before I took a photo!

So, though I am on "vacation" now, I am starting to work on a series of posts, each of which will cover one aspect of our ministry, hopefully in enough detail for donors. Now, these posts will, quite probably, leave some questions in your mind - because I can't explain every detail and still keep it brief. Feel free to ask those questions in the comments, as that way the answers to the questions will be available to others who visit the page! That will be helpful to everyone!

As is common in Honduras, our hotel features a central
courtyard garden. My favorite aspect of this garden is that,
instead of a fountain in the center, there's the WiFi router,
on a pole, cleverly camouflaged with greenery.
I'm a BIG fan of a strong WiFi signal.  
See it? 

I'll start off with quick pages about how to get involved, financially, with our general feeding center program, as well as with our child sponsorship program (which is amazingly efficient in the use of the funds, because EVERYONE involved is a volunteer).

Watch for those blog posts coming soon . . . but not right away.

I AM on vacation, you know.  


Sherri said...

I love that you found the router!

Emily said...

I'm so glad that you get to spend some time together. Enjoy!