Sunday, March 13, 2016

Did you know?

Did you know that you can search my blog by category? I mentioned that to someone the other day, and they had never noticed before . . . so I figured I should mention it here.

Scroll down the right margin . . . past the fundraising thermometer, past the "Facebook" button, keep going past the archive and my profile information . . . and there you will find the list of "Labels."

Almost all of my posts have been given at least one label. I even have a label named "I've got no category for this!"

You can look for posts on a specific topic, by clicking on the corresponding label. For instance, if you're interested in finding out more about our Bridge Construction Projects, there's a label for that. Want to know what everyday life has been like for us, over the course of the almost 10 years I've been blogging? There are 215 (!) posts in that category! There are only 4 posts labeled "Things I Never Saw in the Suburbs" . . . a testament to how seldom I remember to carry a camera with me, more than anything else.

There are currently 62 categories - I just counted! Why not check it out and see what you can find that you haven't seen before? Maybe you'd enjoy our photos of the amazing Lempira Day parade (in the "holidays" category). Or perhaps you'd be interested in our adventures in butchering? in installing and using solar power? our time living on the island of Guanaja? my 141 posts about plants and bugs?

Have fun! I hope this helps you navigate the blog in the future!