Friday, March 11, 2016

What does the coyote say?

This morning, I drove to Gracias, dropped Ben off for school, and picked up Iris, her cousin Cruzita, and RJ (Russellito), as they are spending the day at our house.

RJ and I have an ongoing conversation, which we continue whenever we have the opportunity, on the subject of animal sounds. We are not yet at the point in our discourse where he will reply with the sound when I name the specific animal, but we have achieved a unity of mind on this topic such that he will repeat the sounds after me.

Today, while I was driving, we reviewed some points from previous conversations - mooo, woof, meow, and quack. Then I decided that it was time to forge ahead into new conversational territory, so I introduced the sound of the coyote. For the rest of the trip, RJ and I took turns joyously throwing our heads back and howling to the moon-less sky.

Being a grandmother kind of rocks.

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