Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Have Bridge (skills), Will Travel . . . to Haiti! - part 2

See pictures of the first part of the project here. 

Once the concrete work was completed, it was time to attach the cables!

The wire cables go around the metal tubes, and the end of
each cable is securely clamped back to itself. The tension of
each cable is adjusted until they hold the bridge in a level position.

Allen oversees . . . everything

Installing the deck of the bridge!

On their final day in Haiti, as Allen and Russell were on their way
 to the airport, there was a surprise ceremony at the bridge. The mayor
and others thanked them and gave them gifts of handcrafted items.

I especially love this panoramic picture! To the left you can see the road to the river,
and where people had to ford the river in the past to get across . . . and to the right,
of course, you see the brand new bridge in use! Click on the photo to see a larger version.

 Within days of the completion of the bridge, Saint Michel experienced heavy
rains and flooding, and the bridge became a safe way to cross very unsafe waters!

Although this project had additional challenges, compared to building a bridge on our "home turf" of Honduras, the menfolk are excited about the possibility of collaborating in future international projects, in other parts of the world. Southeast Asia, Africa and the Himalayas were all mentioned in recent conversations! Do you need a bridge built . . . . anywhere? Contact us and we can talk about it! I'm not even kidding! 

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