Sunday, August 28, 2016

Coffee Farm - a Virtual Visit!

There are different ways to minister to people, and some ways cost more, in terms of actual money, than others. You don't feed thousands of children on a regular basis without spending some money! Same with building churches, schools, bridges, water projects, etc. Even running a pastor training school requires that we be able to pay for the facility, the food, the school materials, etc.

Our faithful donors are essential partners in the work we do . . . and in order for donors to know about the work, we have to keep communicating with them. I help with this through Facebook posts, emails, and the blog, whileAllen makes phone calls and face-to-face visits.

Russell has not been as involved in raising the money needed to run the ministry from donors. He didn't grow up in the US, and doesn't have many contacts there. With his young family, he also can't be traveling to the US for months at a time, the way Allen does.

BUT - just look at what Russell has done, and continues to do, to help fund the ministry work! The coffee farm goal - to create a sustainability aspect for funding the ministry - is becoming a reality, and this is happening because of Russell's vision and his planning, his studying and a lot of steady, grueling WORK!

There's something going on everyday on the coffee farm - preparing new ground, growing seedlings, planting, fighting bugs and fungi, fertilizing, weeding, and on and on - and Russell is the one making it happen day after day! He doesn't shirk the work of the ministry, either. Instead, he has raised up several young men who now work as our trusted supervisors on the farm, allowing Russell to manage both farming and ministry.

At this point, we are still in the investing stage . . . but in just a few years the coffee farm should be bringing in funds to help support and grow the ministry.

Here are some short videos showing how things are coming along on the coffee farm. You will see that our coffee trees are overwhelmingly fruitful!

We thank God for granting us success in this venture!

- posted by Trish

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