Monday, January 23, 2017

The Exciting Post with Too Much Punctuation

A phone call with Allen never disappoints. This week’s call was especially exciting. In fact, this week’s call was like one big exclamation point!

Carol Doherty with her sponsored child

It started off with a huge praise to God that the good people of Fredericktowne Baptist Church in Maryland have sponsored every child currently enrolled in the sponsorship program in Campuca! (Please know that one piddly little exclamation point doesn’t begin to convey Sowers4Pastors’ excitement over that last sentence, but, as a professional, I’m trying to avoid writing, “!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

Pauli Van Maurik with her sponsored child

Allen, Trish, and Russell are also still excited about the great week they had with a visiting team from Edgewater Alliance Church in Edgewater, Florida. The team conducted medical well visits and much, much more. They passed out backpacks and shoes to the children. They were also able to take pictures of children to take back to the sponsors in their congregation. The team flew out feeling the sort of exhilaration that comes from being where God wants you.  

Around 160 of the 270 children in the sponsorship program of Guacutao already have sponsors. The team from Edgewater went home determined to find sponsors for the remaining children. They also flew home with another mission.

Michelle Mercer with her sponsored child

Edgewater Alliance’s sister church of Guacutao has a daughter church in another village. Relationally speaking, I suppose that would make it Edgewater Alliance’s niece church! The smaller church is in need of a new roof. The team is going to try to raise a team of young people to go on a missions trip of their own, with the intention of putting a roof on the other church. Sowers4Pastors is excited to be a part of that. Actually, “overjoyed” is the word Allen used. He went on to say, “It’s great to be a part of facilitating that relationship--seeing the kids not only get fed, but get educated, receive shoes, and, of course, be fed spiritually. The whole thing is exciting. We’re excited. They’re excited.”

So, please pardon me while I do what has to be done here… !!!!!!!!!!!! There. That feels better!

- posted by Christi


Michelle Spanos said...

Love, love. As part of the Edgewater Team it was nice to visit our sister church and love on the kids and their families and then to be loved on right back by them!!!!! Praise the Lord for His goodness in those villages of Lempira.

Pauli Hoffman said...

My heart 💜 overflows with the love i received from our "children". Can't wait to go back! Thank you Sowers family for all you do!