Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wheels of Fortune

This is a post Christi wrote for us a couple of months ago, but it kept getting bumped as other topics became priorities. I'm posting it now, as background material, because we're making some progress on our transportation situation! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In the short time I’ve been writing for Sowers4Pastors, several themes keep popping up in conversations with Allen, Trish, and Russell. One of those themes is: Honduras is NOT an easy place to navigate. We talk about it when we discuss the thousands of unreached villages and the challenges of getting to them. We talk about it when we discuss the need for indigenous pastors to have bikes or motorcycles. And virtually every team member I’ve ever interviewed has spoken about the treacherous terrain. Today, we’re going to talk about the Sowers’ need for solid, dependable transportation, or as I like to think of them, Wheels of Fortune!

No Little Old Ladies from Pasadena

The Sowers’ “fleet” of vehicles is not of the luxury variety. Nope. These are hardworking automobiles--not mamby-pamby sets of wheels with a new car smell. They don’t laze around in a garage all day. And they’ve never once been driven by a little old lady from Pasadena! You’ve probably heard people comment about driving a car until its doors fall off. Well, that day is not too far off for a couple of the “Sowersmobiles”.

But, How Old Is That In Honduran Years?

There has been an ongoing fundraising effort to purchase newer, more reliable vehicles for the Sowers. To date, a little over half of a $30,000 goal has been raised. One “new” vehicle was purchased in December of 2015. The 4-yr-old Toyota pickup truck replaced one of the Land Cruisers. And, in May, Trish’s 17-yr-old Land Cruiser, which apparently answers to the name “Scottie,” received a major overhaul. Scottie spent weeks in the shop getting work done on brakes, suspension, the 4-wheel drive mechanisms, repairs to the driver’s seat, new windows, and other mechanical repairs.

But, any way you slice it, Scottie is still a 17-yr-old Land Cruiser. Age, for vehicles that travel the rough roads of Honduras, can practically be calculated in dog years! Scottie continues to be Trish’s primary vehicle because her regular routine doesn’t have her traveling as far as Allen and Russell. If you’re going to be stranded on the side of the road, it’s better to be stranded closer to home. Scottie isn’t even the oldest vehicle in the fleet. That honor goes to the 20-yr-old Land Cruiser normally driven by Russell.

My Selfish Plea for a Selfless Family

You should know that none of the Sowers are complaining about their vehicles. They have been solid transportation for a very long time. But they aren’t going to last indefinitely. And, from a very selfish standpoint… Trish is my friend. She’s the only friend I have who has ever been kidnapped and I really want to feel she can make a fast getaway if she ever needs to do so!

Ultimately, they would like to purchase another newer vehicle to allow them to have two truly reliable sets of wheels. This would allow them to continue to feed children, train pastors, transport visiting team members, build churches, purchase supplies, build bridges, and so much more! - posted by Christi Watch for an update on our vehicle situation, coming VERY SOON!

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