Monday, April 24, 2017

Bridge at Crucitas!

The guys are busy building a bridge over the river at the village of Crucitas! This will be a vehicle bridge, which is why the very high towers are required at each end.

Russell took the video above, showing how the cement gets into the forms they've built, to create the concrete towers. Bucket by bucket, heavy loads of wet concrete are passed along the bucket line which goes from the cement mixer to the tower, and then on up to the top of the tower, where the concrete is emptied into the form and the bucket is tossed back to the ground to repeat the process.

 - posted by Trish
 - video by Russell

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Mike said...

I certainly admire those men moving the concrete as fast as the are. They are working extremely hard and they can't stop until the pour is complete. Those buckets are very heavy (I know because I have moved concrete that way). Their families should be very proud of them.