Thursday, April 20, 2017

Meet the Crew

Have you ever wondered how the Sowers are able to do everything they do? Besides the fact I’m pretty sure they’re superheroes, they also have a great work crew to assist them. Today, we get to “meet” some of the key players. These six men are instrumental in Sowers4Pastors’ ministry. They go on all construction projects. When a team is visiting, these are the men who can do the more skilled work, move supplies, etc… They have helped with everything from bridge building to coffee farming. And, recently, they helped butcher a hog.

When Allen and Trish had to put together audit information, they had some of the top crew members sitting around their kitchen table to assist them.

These men provide extra security when needed, run errands, and help with visiting teams. I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know the crew as much as I did!

Carlos on the left, Eddy (you'll read about him below) on the right

Carlos is Russell’s right hand man. He has worked for the Sowers full-time since 2010. Prior to that, he worked part-time, while still in high school. Carlos is married and has a one and a half-yr-old son. He is in charge of the day-to-day running of the coffee farm. With Russell serving as administrator, Carlos oversees other employees, payroll, purchases, etc… Trish quipped, “This is how Russell is able to get so much done. He knows how to delegate!”

Carlos is also knowledgeable of welding and construction. During construction projects, he is always a crew leader.


If Carlos is Russell’s right hand man, Helder is Carlos’s right hand man. Helder has been a full-time Sowers’ employee since 2011. He is married and has a one and a half-yr-old son and a five-yr-old stepson. Helder is the agricultural expert. He schedules things like planting, fertilizing, and other necessary processes. Helder also owns his own land, where he grows coffee for his family. He has the important task of scouting for new laborers, since he knows everyone in the local village and can direct the Sowers to the right people.

I’ve been a fan of Helder’s for some time now, as he frequently handles security for Allen and Trish, and is the hero of a particular story involving him chasing off armed bad guys in the middle of the night.


Eddy is unmarried and owns a small coffee farm. Trish described him as a “fast riser” who has been with the crew since 2015. Whenever the crew is split up in separate locations, Eddy serves as a sub-leader.

The Sowers provide lunches for the crew and it is Eddy’s mother who prepares the meals.


Like Helder and Eddy, Martir owns his own coffee farm. He started out as a part-time Sowers’ employee in 2011 and went full-time in 2014. Martir is the guy who will do any job he is assigned with a great attitude! Trish described him as, “Very loyal. Very responsible. No job is beneath him. If he’s given a task, he will get it done.”

Martir is also good with animals and has the job of feeding the dogs and hogs each day. He often helps with daytime security and can be seen picking up trash as he patrols the area.


Melvin has worked for the Sowers since 2016. He is married and has a four-yr-old daughter. He also happens to be Iris’s brother, making him Russell’s brother-in-law and R.J. and Abigail’s uncle.

Melvin has a college degree and helps out with paperwork and administrative work. He also helps with Pastors’ Training School and the sponsorship program.

Melvin also runs errands since he owns his own motorcycle. When a team is visiting, or the Sowers are busy doing other things, he will even do things like pick up groceries and other essentials.

He is a regular member of the worship team at a church in town, playing guitar and singing.


Danny has been a part-time employee since 2016. His job is a little different from the other men because Danny is a professional photographer. He helps document team visits and ministries. Have you ever admired the photographs of children in the sponsorship program? Chances are good that Danny took those photographs. Trish said, “Danny is an entrepreneur type, who does quite a bit of freelance work with local businesses.”

Danny is also a youth pastor at a local church.

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